Ever wondered what a book tour looks like from a writer’s point of view? I’m filming my US tour as I go along. I’m enjoying it and I hope you will too! (If you’d like to attend one of the live events, the full list is here).

One thought on “Milwaukee!”

  1. It was fabulous to hear you speak about your book & the path that got you to where you are today as a writer. Very inspiring, as well as completely amusing. I’ve been enjoying Little Bee so much that unlike my usual attack and conquer style of reading, I am savoring it bit by bit so that I can make it last a little longer. Write quickly as I can not wait to read whatever you have coming next, and I am not sure that I can contunue to thwart my desire to devour Little Bee in one feel swoop! (I admit, I snuck in Incenidary between chapters) Thank you for coming to Milwaukee and sharing a bit of yourself with us. (P.S. Good luck in regaining the home kingdom…those small conquerers can be unstoppable once they have felt the power…mine began telling me at age 3 “well you know I am the man of the house when dad isn’t here…..” )

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