US live events, January 2011

I’m doing a US speaking-and-signing tour to mark the re-issuing of my first novel, INCENDIARY. I might also talk a little about LITTLE BEE, and give a sneak preview of what’s coming up in my new novel.

I’ll also be sharing what I’m reading by some extraordinary upcoming writers, answering all questions, and signing books. I love meeting readers – please do come if you can make it. As far as I know all the events are free of charge – though etiquette murmurs discreetly that you should buy a book (not necessarily one of mine!) to support the booksellers who are very kindly hosting the events.

Here are the dates:

Looking forward to meeting you if you can make it.

9 thoughts on “US live events, January 2011”

  1. I’m enjoying reading Little Bee with a sophomore-level Great Works class. Any chance you’ll visit the Midwest on your author tour?

  2. Read ” Little Bee,” from cover to cover in two nights. Could not put it down. Loved Batman’s sentences and laughed out loud at Sarah correcting him. ” Little Bee” moved me to tears and made me want to read everything the author wrote. Am reserving ” Incendiary” at my library. I taught in London in the late sixties in a school that was composed of African, West Indian, Indian, and Pakistani students. How I wish that ” Little Bee,” had been written as I know my students would have fallen love with the story as I did. Thank you!

  3. Y – thank you so much – I will definitely be coming to Chicago on the next tour. I did a very enjoyable event there last year & am looking forward to returning!

  4. I’m planning a trip to the U.K. between Oct. and Dec. of this year (for a friend) – and was wondering if you’ll be doing any book signings at that time? Also would love it if you come to Tampa Florida. We have a great little bookstore called Inkwood Books …

    1. Hi Lana – hope your friend enjoys the trip. I might well be doing live events in the UK around that time & would be delighted if your friend came to one, but I’m not planning that far ahead at the moment. I will be posting all my upcoming events on this website as soon as I have the dates. All best,

  5. Hi – was at the Borders reading tonight with my students from Mott Haven Village HS and just wanted to thank you so much. Our students were thrilled to meet you and we are so excited to have Little Bee as part of our curriculum. Looking forward to reading Incendiary! Thanks so much

  6. Mr. Cleave:

    I’m a college instructor and writing program director. My students are reading “Little Bee” for their Composition 2 course this semester. If you are going to be in the Dallas area for your tour, please post the date and place on the website. I would love for my students to hear your talk about your books and writing.

    Thank you,
    Lori Price

  7. Posted one yesterday in which I forgot to add that while reading it I did not know if you were white or black or what colour your skin was! Another amazing thing. Joan Hickey

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