I’m about halfway with the new story, I think. Very absorbed in it, which is why I’ve been quiet recently – apologies for that. Enjoying the writing more than I have for a long time, and hope to have a good novel to offer you. First 60,000 words have taken 70 days, which seems to be this book’s tempo. I should think I’ll be finished by Christmas. Thank you all very much for your patience and kind words in the meantime. I’m lucky to have such likeable readers.

5 thoughts on “Halfway”

  1. Your books provoke thought, so unlike most of the “top-selling” easy-read novels available. Thank you for helping me to use my mind. I am puzzled by my library placing “Incendiary” in the “Teen” section whereas “Little Bee” and “Gold” are in the adult section. Strange. I plan to question the placement as its ideas and messages certainly apply to all readers.

    1. Hi Sally, many thanks for reading my novels, and for taking the time to comment. Interesting point about how the books get categorised in libraries. I’m always delighted when young people read my stuff, and I have met quite a few great librarians who like to mix things up a little by smuggling some authors into the ‘young adult’ section who wouldn’t traditionally belong there – and vice versa. Librarians do a lot of good in this way & are more influential than they are given credit for, I think.

  2. Hello Chris, Your books are always profoundly thoughtful and delve deep into our human joy and suffering. I am very much looking forward to your new novel. Loved your comment about librarians. Our goal is to place books in readers hands and introduce them to writers they might not be necessarily drawn to.

    Hoping you’ll come back to Seattle. We love you!

    1. Hi Lillian, great to hear from you again! I hope all’s very well with you. Yes, I’m looking forward to coming back to Seattle. If I’m really lucky the Library will invite me back… here’s hoping!

  3. Hi Chris, I just read ‘Gold’ and thought it was quite brilliant. You have a way of writing about human emotion that is astonishingly relatable as well as beautiful. Do you think studying psychology helped you to write so well about emotion?

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