One thought on “Incendiary”

  1. Picked up Incendiary Monday night with no clue as to subject matter. It had been in my book club’s pass along basket. In light of Monday’s events in Boston, upon first pages, I thought I should put it away for summer. My daughter is a freshman at BU and I had spent a terrible afternoon trying to get word that she was safe. She was. I didn’t think I should dwell in the world of fear in my choice of reading that night. I am pleased to say as I near the book’s completion, that it is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. I have loved every page of this book. I don’t how it ends yet. Petra is just pregnant, but I had to thank you Mr. Cleave for sharing so much humanity with me this week, through your characters.

    Peace to all!

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