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Author photo by Paul Stuart © Hodder & Stoughton 2016
Author photo by Paul Stuart © Hodder & Stoughton 2016

This is what I have lined up for 2017 so far, and if you can make it to one of these events I’ll be delighted to meet you. I love book events, especially the Q&A bit, so please do ask anything you like! I’m always happy to chat in the signing line, and of course to personalise your copy of any of my books. Why not bring your book club along, if you’re in one? I look forward to meeting you.


United States of America Mon 6th March, Dallas, Texas, 7.30 pm at Dallas Museum of Art – I’m honored to return as a guest of Arts & Letters Live, this time for a joint event with fellow writer Jennifer Ryan. Both of us based our latest books on conversations with our grandparents, who served in WWII, and the evening promises to be a lively blend of world and family history. All welcome, Public $40, DMA Member $30, Student/Educator $20. Details here. Follow @DallasMuseumArt.

United States of America Tue 7th March, Atlanta, Georgia, 7.00 pm at the Margaret Mitchell House – once again I’m delighted to return as a guest of the Atlanta History Center to a place that has so many happy memories for me. I’ll be presenting Everyone Brave is Forgiven and looking forward to your own stories and questions. Tickets are $5 members, $10 nonmembers, and free to AHC Insiders. Reservations are required. For more information, please call 404.814.4150 or see details here. Follow @ATLHistCenter.

United States of America Wed 8th March, TulsaOklahoma, 7.00 pm at Tulsa Central Library – my first time in Tulsa, as a guest of Tulsa Literary Coalition, Booksmart Tulsa and Magic City Books. Tickets are free! Looking forward to meeting you. Details here. Follow @BOOKSMARTTULSA.

United States of America Thu 9th March, Beverly Hills, California, events and high school visits with the California Literary Society.

United States of America Fri 10th March, Santa Barbara, California, events and high school visits with the California Literary Society.

United States of America Mon 13th March, Las Vegas, Nevada, events and high school visits with the Literary Society Las Vegas.

United States of America Tue 14th March, Orange County, California, events and high school visits with the California Literary Society.

United States of America Wed 15th March, La Jolla, California, events and high school visits with the California Literary Society.

United States of America Thu 16th March, Rancho Santa Fe, California, events and high school visits with the California Literary Society.

Ireland Fri 24th March, Dún Laoghaire, Co. DublinIreland, 8.30 pm at the Pavilion Theatre – with the incomparable John Boyne. Details here. Follow @mountainstosea.

Iceland 5-9 April, Reykjavik, Iceland, Iceland Writers Retreat. Details here. Follow @IcelandWriters.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Thu 27th April, Glasgow, Scotland, Literary lunch. Details to come, here.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Sat 29th April, Billingshurst, England, Book Lovers’ Supper Club. Details to come, here.

Ireland Fri 2nd June, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland, Listowel Writers’ Week event. Details to come, here. Follow @WritersWeek.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 12-17 June, The Hurst, Shropshire, tutoring at Arvon with Maggie Gee and Kit de Waal. Details here. Follow @arvonfoundation and @Hurstonthescene.

United States of America Sat 16th September, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, at the Steamboat Springs Literary Sojourn. Details here.



15 thoughts on “Chris Cleave upcoming tour dates”

  1. Mr. Cleave,
    I have just finished reading Little Bee and it really made me feel something and evoked much thought in my mind. I was curious if you could by any chance email me so I could ask a few questions about it as I have to give a presentation on the novel in my English class and want it to be as satisfactory as possible. I absolutely adore your work and the way your mind operates and your hand writes. Get back to me soon and thank you for everything.


    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for caring! I do have a US trip coming up in March, but it’s mostly on the West Coast I’m afraid. I will be back in NY & NJ soon, I promise!

  2. Just heard your interview on ABC FM 7th September. I have just typed up my parents’ letters to each other written during the same time period. I would be happy to type up your ‘1,000 pages’ of letters if you would like me to. I am a fast typist and it would be totally confidential – I worked for the Dept Foreign Affairs for years so privacy is understood. Please let me know if I can help in this way. All the best, Sarah Flanders.

    1. Thank you Sarah for listening to the interview and for this very generous offer, which I’m really moved by. As it happens I’ve decided not to have the letters transcribed, since they belong to my extended family and not just to me, and so I think that my time with them is done. But I really appreciate your kindness. Things like this confirm my faith in people – thank you!

    1. Hi Gill – I’m sorry, we seem to have just missed each other! I was lucky enough to do a great event at the Edinburgh Book Festival with the great Natasha Walter on the 18th August. Hopefully I’ll see you there next year? All good wishes – Chris

  3. Chris!!!!!
    Why aren’t you coming to visit the West of Australia? All this way, yet not than one step further!! So much to catch up on!!!

  4. Hi Chris, will you be coming to Dublin at all or have I Missed you? Everyone Brave is forgiven is my book choice of the year. Absolutely loved it.
    Justine Carbery (Book reviewer with The Sunday Independent)

    1. Hi Justine, I’m afraid we’ve missed each other in Dublin on this tour – I was honoured to do an event there in May, at Dubray, at the excellent Rick O’Shea’s book club. (It was a lovely evening and ended up with a book swap at the pub!) Sorry to have missed you – I’d love to have thanked you in person for your very kind support for Everyone Brave. Hope to meet you soon nevertheless – and all my thanks in the meantime!

  5. Mr Cleave-
    Do you have any discussion questions to reflect on the book for my book group?

    Warmly- Regina Nelsen

  6. Interesting to see that you will be at Winchester University. It used to be called King Alfred’s College and it was there that I trained to be a teacher and enjoyed three very happy years there.

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